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Held at California State University Northridge (CSUN)
Performing Arts Center
August 2000

Featuring performances by:
Alexandra King * Fahtiem * FatChanceBellyDance * Hadia * Hayat El Helwa * Jillina and the Sahlala Dancers * Jindra * Laurel Victoria Gray * Sese and the Cairoettes * Shoshanna * Tamalyn Dallal * Zahra Zuhair

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Shoshanna Shoshanna SeSe Dance Company Tamalyn Zahra Zuhair
Jindra Jindrda Laurel Victoria Gray Laurel Victoria Gray Fahtiem
Laurel Victoria Gray Hayat El Helwa Hadia Jillina and the Sahlala Dancers Jillina

This show featured two hours of terrific belly dancing. Highlights include Hayat El Helwa from Brazil, Tamalyn Dallal's Dance of the Seven Veils, Jindra's ballet/modern Egyptian fusion dance, the creative choreography of The Cairoettes, improvised troupe performance by the originators of American Tribal Style (ATS) - FatChanceBellyDance, plus the ever popular Jillina and The Sahlala Dancers!


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